I’m a 17 year old girl passionate about communications & journalism. I’ve authored two books. I work as a Social Media intern at Business Blogging representing Sterling Holidays and Prakash Silks.

Green Entrepreneur

I help my family run ‘Vaksana Farms, a 13-acre integrated organic farm situated in Rettanai Village, 3 hours from Chennai.


I intern at Breathe Digital, a digital marketing agency, handling Social Selling for Prakash Silks and Online Reputation Management for Sterling Holidays.


This section has all the questions you may have about me. A good place to get to know me, my interests and passion projects.


I’m the host and curator of TILE Chennai. It is one of the World’s largest conversation platforms where I interview achievers from different fields.


Won’t these murderers be punished?

why are we slayed, when we are loved ??

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The couple who wanted to give a surprise ended up surprised.

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Will she die??

That night she felt some kind of paranormal activity in her house. It was her hopeless night that she'll be alive the next day morning. check out my blog post to see how she managed to survive.

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A V Meiyappan Matriculation Higher Secondary School

I studied from 3rd standard till 12th standard at this school. The school helped me give a nice balance between academic studies, extracurricular projects and sports. I actively participated in all these three areas.

AVM Rajeshwari Matriculation School

From Kindergarten until my 2nd standard, I spent my early schooling life at this school in Virugambakkam, Chennai. This school was a walk-able distance from my home and this made it convenient for me.