I’m a 17 year old girl passionate about communications & journalism. I’ve authored two books. I work as a Social Media intern at Business Blogging representing Sterling Holidays and Prakash Silks.

Green Entrepreneur

I help my family run ‘Vaksana Farms, a 13-acre integrated organic farm situated in Rettanai Village, 3 hours from Chennai.


I intern at Breathe Digital, a digital marketing agency, handling Social Selling for Prakash Silks and Online Reputation Management for Sterling Holidays.


This section has all the questions you may have about me. A good place to get to know me, my interests and passion projects.


I’m the host and curator of TILE Chennai. It is one of the World’s largest conversation platforms where I interview achievers from different fields.


A V Meiyappan Matriculation Higher Secondary School

I studied from 3rd standard till 12th standard at this school. The school helped me give a nice balance between academic studies, extracurricular projects and sports. I actively participated in all these three areas.

AVM Rajeshwari Matriculation School

From Kindergarten until my 2nd standard, I spent my early schooling life at this school in Virugambakkam, Chennai. This school was a walk-able distance from my home and this made it convenient for me.



My Journey to Riding and Driving

I generally enjoy riding bikes and driving cars. The journey of how I got to do both is an interesting one. When I was a kid, around eight years old,…

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Malaysian Mermaids are ready to go!

I am eagerly waiting for May 11th, because I will fly to Malaysia with my large family. There are 16 of us flying together. We have planned so much for…

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The Green Entity : Our Farm

Rettanai is a small village situated approximately 16 kilometres from Tindivanam town. That’s where our 13-acre farm is located. We lovingly named it Vaksana Farms which means fertile in Sanskrit.…

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