A Poem on Friendship

I have two close friends in my school. Their names are Bhuvaneshwari and Monica.  I wrote a poem for them.

You are a Sun,
You are a Moon,
You are a Star,
That you shine brightly.
I’ll always be behind you
Until the very end
Being your best friend.
When you are in trouble,
I’ll help you as a God.
When you get hurt,
I promise you
I’ll fill your pain.
And when you cry,
Your little tear drops
Will flow into rivers.
When you are happy
I feel like its diwali.
And when you were born
It was a very special day and year.

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1 comment for “A Poem on Friendship

  1. Arul Mani
    January 2, 2011 at 9:23 am

    That’s really good, you know why bcoz the moment you can feel the joy and pain of others as yours that’s wonderful. my prayers for you to have your friends all along the way

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