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The Lone Clown
August 22, 2019

  I was happy sitting alone, Though I get day-mares of dying alone! Acne, scars, height and weight can’t put me down, Which others thought would make me drown. Happy me roaming around, By seeing others smile Something boosts me from inside Not in a sarcastic way But just the intention to make their day. – Krithya...

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Won’t these murderers be punished?
August 9, 2019

Uff…ufff breathing hard I ran as fast as I can Somehow I managed to escape from them But My family is stuck with them I wanted to save their lives But now how am I gonna save my family?? I was helpless and clueless; I could only sit and cry. Its time, they must have killed my wife and daughter. What did the little one do ?? she ‘didn’t even see the world yet Even before that her life ends. I’m the worst fam head. I failed to save my loved ones, are they humans?? No, they are monsters How could they...

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August 8, 2019

Come on its 11 pm let’s start decorating. Wow great… it’s gonna be a cute little surprise for her. Yes… I’m glad that our baby is growing up so fast. True darling… enough of our chitchats lets finish our work before the clock strikes 12. Okay…Let me pump all the balloons, and you help to stick them on the wall. Where did you keep the colour papers?? It is right behind the yellow bag over there. Yep got it, sweetie, Well now, all set, our house looks more beautiful! Yeah!.. It...

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Will she die??
August 6, 2019

  It was 3 in the midnight. She knew that this the time ghosts rage. The room was pitch dark. She decides to close her eyes tight no matter what comes in her way, She pulls her leg inside her bedsheet and wraps it around her like a ‘Mummy’ in the tomb to make herself feel safe, but she could feel paranormal activity around her. After a few minutes of silence, Creech… her room door opened. In the pitch dark room, there came a thick streak of light. But she didn’t dare to open her...

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Wanna leave me alone??
August 5, 2019

The dawn sat and the dusk raised My heart started to beat with pain Even though I know that he won’t be with me as long as I wish, But I don’t hesitate to fall for him every time he comes. When the sun wants to wake me up, He shoos away the sun and cuddles me more. He loves me the most, has no heart to leave me but the time is blamed. Every time as he promised, he comes to meet me once a week, Just to see my relaxed happiness on his arrival. Next day after the hardest goodbye THE MONDAY...

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