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  1. The Lone Clown

    A sudden crash of words in my mind noted down as a poem with pain somewhere in me.

  2. Won’t these murderers be punished?

    why are we slayed, when we are loved ??

  3. Saw that ILLUMINATI

    The couple who wanted to give a surprise ended up surprised.

  4. Will she die??

    That night she felt some kind of paranormal activity in her house. It was her hopeless night that she'll be alive the next day morning. check out my blog post to see how she managed to survive.

  5. Wanna leave me alone??

    He has no choice but to leave me alone... The pain which crumples me down has been put down into words. With love don't hesitate to read my love.


    As a Classical dancer how did I manage to learn professional folk dance from a Robotic dancer??? Go ahead and read my fun filled journey :)

  7. The chat which made me forget the Clock

    Spent an absolute mind opening evening with Caroline Radhakrishnan.

  8. Work

    I work as an intern at Business Blogging, a digital marketing and social media consultancy. As part of my internship, I’m honoured to work on…

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  9. FAQ

  10. My Journey to Riding and Driving

    I generally enjoy riding bikes and driving cars. The journey of how I got to do both is an interesting one. When I was a…

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