About Me

I’m Krithya, a 17 year old happy girl who loves to experience new adventures. I’m an aspiring communications and journalism student. Having authored two books when I was young, I have fallen in love with writing again. In addition to my blog, I’m working on my third book. I love dancing and have formally learned Bharatanatyam since I was 6 years old. I prefer playing sports than watching them. I’ve participated in tennikoit, throwball, short put and javelin in the district level. I love the wind in my face and this explains why I love riding so much. My passion is to start my own talk show. I’ve applied to start a new chapter at TILE,  the world’s largest student-run conversation platform.


  • Young Achiever Award given by Park Group of Institutions.
  • Vice-Captain of my School House
  • Best Player Award in Throwball.


Here is a visual resume that captures my profile succinctly. It gives highlight of my educational, professional and extra-curricular activities.


Authoring Books

Meet my Family!

Kiruba ShankarDad
My Dad is CEO of Business Blogging. He is an Author & Professor. He is the President of the Professional Speakers Association of India. www.Kiruba.com

Sujani KirubaMom
My Mom is a Director at F5ive Technologies and oversees finance, HR and admin functions at the company. She is an amazing cook.

My younger sister is an 8th std student. She is the logistics head for TILE Chennai. She is very energetic & outspoken. www.Kalpitha.com