Announcement for ‘ABHILASHA’ (first year’s cultural event at MOP Vaishnav College) came, all first-years became pretty much excited. We all wanted to showcase our talents in college. Two weeks before the selections for the competitions such as classical dance, light music, group dance, street play, JAM, channel surfing, etc. were taking place.

The crew

Here I got selected in Group dance. There are eight girls in our crew, including myself. Our seniors decided to take us to the professional choreographer and the very next day we went to visit the studio and the choreographer. THE INDEPENDENT ARTISTS is the name of the studio. That was my very first time stepping inside a studio. One side of the studio was fully mirror, and the studio was painted in bright red and yellow colour with the flavour of black here and there. The lighting of the studio was fascinating that it looks different in night times. The very first thought came into my mind seeing the setup was ‘this place could be the best place for Instagram clicks’.

Maari Thara local

We went there every day after college for practice. The very first day when we started our practise, we only finished 20 seconds of a 5-minute song in spite of dancing for 2 hours, which should be completed in the next five days. Vijay anna was our choreographer; he is a robotic dancer and commonly known as THE ROBOT KID for his unique style. But unfortunately, he was forced to teach us four varieties of folk dance. And yes, he nailed it. The one-week practice session in that studio with Vijay anna could be an unforgettable memory in my college life. We had great fun, especially when he forgets the lyrics there comes “CHIK CHIK CHIK… DISH” but at the end of the fourth day, we somehow managed to complete the overall 5 minutes with pakka perfection.

We have the best seniors. They would accompany us every day to the studio and give us suggestions to improve our style in the way we would love to hear. They were super supportive throughout the event. Especially I fell in love with Sargam Akka. She is one cutie that I’ve met in my life. “Chota packet Bada Dhamaka” this line is more than enough to explain her support and love towards us. She took the responsibility to get our dress hired, which is not an easy job. And she took different kinds of photos for me even I felt awkward to make someone to click like 40 pictures for me to varying angels in one stretch. Some of the images are posted on my Instagram account. And now I still owe her a boomerang.

On the day of ‘ABHILASHA’, we all gave a stunning performance even though we faced the embarrassing situation as our track stopped at the mid of our performance. We stood on our ground and wanted to prove what were we on the stage and hurray we nailed it like power-packed girls on fire. Losing is not an issue, but losing without giving your fullest is a big problem which could eat my head. With disappointed happiness and deep joy with love and support of our seniors and classmates, the day ended with a broad smile on my face.