In her tight schedule, she gave me an appointment to interview her. She is Caroline Radhakrishnan, who is a passionate blogger, a travel freak also an Amazing reviewer. I read a few of her blogs before meeting her. They were so creative with a touch of humour. Every small detail was said differently. It made me read more.

I was so curious that I asked her what made her blog so well, Then she was like if things you do makes you happy then do them consistently. Ever think what if other persons identifies your flaw or the mistake in the work you do. What if others make you feel bad about it? Never think of others what they think about you at the end of the day it is going to be just you and the happiness accomplishing your work. As a writer, she is on the other side of the screen, so no one is going to know her in a person. So she writes whatever strikes in her mind.

Knowing her as a travel freak, I’m surprised how she manages the cost of the trips. So this works like a barter system. She will be invited to a place to write a blog post on it, and then the host would take care of her travel, stay, and in some rare cases, they are also ready to pay her. But this doesn’t come in overnight. To be a well-renowned blogger in society, it would easily take more than 3 to 5 years.

She is a gold medalist in engineering, and she finally found out that it does give her the real happiness that she wants. After a few years of marriage, she eventually fell in love with baking. Then after self-learning and becoming a pro in that she started taking workshops and teach others to bake. After many years she somehow figured out that she could write. Not just write a composition, but she could write with a sense of humour and that entertains people to read much of her blogs. Currylines are her blog. She only figured out her Passion in her late 30’s. That should hit like a bolt from the blue.

The few things that she wants to share with the young adults is to:
Firstly, get done with your primary degree.
Secondly, get financially stable, don’t always be dependent.
Then third, plan your Passion.

The ways to find out your Passion:
Firstly, make a list of things that you don’t want to do so that helps you to make your list smaller.
Secondly, find the time when you are happy while doing something. So that its may be your Passion.
Third, find whether you can sleep without doing the work you love that you’ve you answered in the previous question. If you can’t sleep, then that is your Passion.
Fifth, be specific and try working hard by exploring the deeper part of it.
Sixth never be lazy. Do the things that have to be done now. “Delay is Dangerous”.

Carol made my evening so happening. The couple of hours I spent with her was an absolute pleasure.