Rettanai is a small village situated approximately 16 kilometres from Tindivanam town. That’s where our 13-acre farm is located. We lovingly named it Vaksana Farms which means fertile in Sanskrit. Vaksana farm is the place where I love to dwell in during my holidays. It feels beautiful and peaceful after coming from hectic city life.

A drone view of our farmhouse.

In the middle of the farm, there is a beautiful French windowed house with different antique collection inside.

At the right side of the farmhouse, the process of the food forest is going on. A food forest is nothing but the planting fruit producing trees like the forest. So, after ten years, there will be a forest with edible fruit producing trees.

On the left, my dad has designed a natural bath area with natural walls of thickly grown pine trees in a circular path, and in the middle, there are two showers fixed. So, when someone takes a bath inside nothing can be seen outside except the lovely thick adult pine trees.

The Circular natural bathroom.

My grandma loves flowers. So, near the house, she has planted different types of flowers. Her favourite is the Magizham flower which produces an amazingly sweet smell. She also mentions the story of Lord Perumal while talking about this sweet-smelling flower.

Kasthuri Awwa at our farm.

Right behind our farmhouse, there is a shed, which is divided into two halves. The first half is used as a workshop space for repairing and tinkering machines. It’s entirely my grandpa’s zone. He loves repairing old motors and stuffs like that. The second half is maintained as a cowshed. We have one bull, four cows and three calves, Santa and Sekar, a lovely couple in their fifties, are the caretakers of our farm. Also behind our farmhouse is a small mango grove.

I eagerly wait for my holidays so that I can go to my native and spend my holidays at Vaksana.