My little sister, Kalpitha

This ‘boy with the mush’ is actually my little sister, Kalpitha. She played the role of a soldier.

A Poem on Friendship

I have two close friends in my school. Their names are Bhuvaneshwari and Monica.  I wrote a poem for them. You are a Moon, You are a Star, That you…

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The Smallest X-ray

I had severe toothache and my Thatha (Granddad) took me to the dentist today. He took an xray of my tooth. He handed over the smallest x-ray I’ve seen. Infact…

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Now, You Can Read My Book Online!

One day after my book was officially launched, it has been released online for everyone to read. You can read the book online here I really like the way you…

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Preparations for Book Launch Function

I recently got my second book published. My parents had arranged for a small launch function in my apartment. Here are photos from the function preparation. The stage is being…

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My Drawings


Picked Books from the Printer

On Friday evening, we went to the printer’s shop to pick up the books. We had to wait for one hour as the books were not ready. Finally, Prince Uncle,…

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Drama Rehearsal

Today is when my first story book is going to be launched. During the event, we have planned for a small drama. Last night, me and 8 kids from our…

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My Salangai Pooja