Come on its 11 pm let’s start decorating.

Wow great… it’s gonna be a cute little surprise for her.

Yes… I’m glad that our baby is growing up so fast.

True darling… enough of our chitchats lets finish our work before the clock strikes 12.

Okay…Let me pump all the balloons, and you help to stick them on the wall.

Where did you keep the colour papers??

It is right behind the yellow bag over there.

Yep got it, sweetie,

Well now, all set, our house looks more beautiful!

Yeah!.. It seems like a perfect time for a perfect kiss from Mrs Romantic, isn’t it??

Aha…, not a right time to place your Romeo tactics darling, go and get your daughter’s cake.

Okay Okay, I’ll get it … umm honey, I could see an empty cake box here where is the cake??

Wait.. what ?? is it empty??

Burp… I saw ILLUMINATI stealing the cake… popped up their 6-year-old birthday baby licking her creamy little fingers with that notorious innocent look on her face.