Uff…ufff breathing hard I ran as fast as I can
Somehow I managed to escape from them
But My family is stuck with them
I wanted to save their lives
But now how am I gonna save my family??
I was helpless and clueless; I could only sit and cry.
Its time, they must have killed my wife and daughter.
What did the little one do ?? she ‘didn’t even see the world yet
Even before that her life ends.
I’m the worst fam head. I failed to save my loved ones,
are they humans?? No, they are monsters
How could they find pleasure in killing such innocents like me??
O MY GOD!! they are here … they are searching for me
I ran and ran and ran but still, I was stuck in the same room.
These monsters are merciless creatures. I tried whatever I should do to save my life
But unfortunately, I was caught
I saw his bloodshot eyes with urges to kill me
He picked up the sharp knife holding my neck tight
The next moment saw my head rolling on the floor as my torso lying in my pool of blood.
My pleading was heard, neither to him nor to the god.
At least, now in heaven let me live in peace with my family,
Hope there are no CHICKEN lovers up there.